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Distance Domination IS real Domination IF your submission is real. When you call me, we can speak as peers and chat about your interests and have a lovely time and you can go on your way and that works fine for me. ūüôā But there is a whole lot more you can experience through phone sex if you are open to a new adventure.

Whether you need a confidant to hear your confessions and desires, a true Goddess to haunt your dreams and fantasies, a Mistress to control your sexual activity, a hypnotist to lead you psychologically, or a Sadist to torture you physically, it would please me to explore with you.


My rate for direct calls is currently $2.50 per minute.  This rate applies to ALL callers.  No exceptions.  There is a $25 minimum charge.  Or you may call me on NiteFlirt or Adult Phone Pal.  Scroll down to read more about these options.



To call me on NiteFlirt, dial 1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 987-8433.  My rate on NiteFlirt may vary from day to day.  There is no minimum charge or minimum call length.  If you are new to NiteFlirt, you can sign up using the button below and you will get free minutes.  (Newbies, please read NiteFlirt instructions to learn how to call on NiteFlirt.  You can click my calling button or dial my extension and both options are explained on NiteFlirt.  Thank you.)
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To call me on Adult Phone Pal, dial (888) 557-0355.¬†Adult Phone Pal charges a flat rate for blocks of time. ¬† — $30 for 10 minutes, $55 for 20 minutes, $75 for 30 minutes, $125 for 60 minutes —¬†¬† If I am unavailable, you will be given the option of speaking with another operator there. New callers to Adult Phone Pal get free minutes if they sign up using the button below.



Calling me direct is my preferred calling method, but I no longer publish my direct number on this site.  I got too many underage callers and men using stolen credit cards and stupid things like that.  So now my published number goes through Adult Phone Pal where they run your credit card first and I do not have those problems.

In order to call me directly on my private line, you must either call me on NiteFlirt or Adult Phone Pal first OR you must email me an introduction first and I will give you my direct number if I think we are a good match.

My direct rate is currently $2.50 per minute FOR ALL CALLERS, no exceptions.  There is a $25 minimum charge.

ALL new direct dial callers will be pre-authorized for a $50 charge before their first call. I will explain further (and give you my direct dial phone number) when I reply to your introductory email.

My email address is MsJuneStuart at gmail dot com.


I no longer accept any alternative forms of payment.  Payment must be made through either NiteFlirt, Adult Phone Pal, or my direct billing option where I charge your credit card for you.

If you have any questions about my rates or how to call me, please email any time and title your email, “Questions about calling”. ¬†Thank you.



1 (888) 557-0355

You must be at least 18 years old to call.

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