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Distance Domination IS real Domination IF your submission is real. When you call me, we can speak as peers and chat about your interests and have a lovely time and you can go on your way and that works fine for me. 🙂 But there is a whole lot more you can experience through phone sex if you are open to a new adventure.

Whether you need a confidant to hear your confessions and desires, a true Goddess to haunt your dreams and fantasies, a Mistress to control your sexual activity, a hypnotist to lead you psychologically, or a Sadist to torture you physically, it would please me to explore with you.


There are now three ways to reach me.  I have no preference between the three.  You may choose whichever option best suits your needs.


Existing callers may email me any time for information about calling me directly.  New callers should send an introductory email, please, before asking for my direct number.  The rate for direct calls is $2.50 per minute and there is a ten minute minimum charge.  When you call directly, you will need to provide your name and billing address and credit card information.  I am professional and discrete and your information can be safely stored for future calls if you like.  When you call me directly, there is no dispatcher or company in between us.


To reach me through APP, call my personal toll free number, 1 (888) 557-0355.  APP is a calling platform like NiteFlirt, but different.  I am less familiar with their customer service options and less able to help you utilize their platform.  If you have any trouble with APP, you would need to work with them to resolve your issues since I have no direct avenue to management there.  But I do find their system to be efficient and anonymous and the phone connections are always clear.  And I like their pricing.  At APP, you buy blocks of time.  Here are your options:

$30 for 10 minutes, $55 for 20 minutes, $75 for 30 minutes, $125 for 60 minutes


To call me on NiteFlirt, dial 1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 987-8433.  My rate on NiteFlirt may vary from day to day.  There is no minimum charge or minimum call length.  If you are new to NiteFlirt, you can sign up using the button below and you will get free minutes.  (Newbies, please read NiteFlirt instructions to learn how to call on NiteFlirt.  You can click my calling button or dial my extension and both options are explained on NiteFlirt.  Thank you.)  I obey all NiteFlirt rules when accepting calls on this platform.

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My email address is MsJuneStuart at gmail dot com.  You are welcome to email me any time if you have questions about the NiteFlirt phone system or how to join.  Please title your email, “Questions about calling” so it gets priority attention. Thank you.

I am looking forward to chatting soon.  🙂


1 (888) 557-0355

You must be at least 18 years old to call.

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